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A usufructuary does not have full ownership of the property because he does not have the right to land and violence, which applies to the right to own, kill or transfer ownership of the property to another person. Usufruct property grants a person the right to use or remain in order to use property belonging to someone else for a limited period of time. A typical example of usufruct right is when a person bequeaths his property to his children but grants his surviving spouse the right to occupy. Usufruct is only recognized in a few jurisdictions in North America, such as . B Louisiana. For example, if a party has a usufruct right to a property, it has the full right to use or rent it and collect the rental income without sharing it with the beneficial owner as long as the right of usufruct is in force. Unless confirmed in a living will, the legal usufruct of § 890 ends with the remarriage of the surviving spouse. In the case of a usufruct that ends in death, the estate may owe the bare owner a debt for the value of the money, but if the estate has no assets, the naked owner loses. Alten acquired 941.57 ha of land for the project (512.68 ha of private land and 428.89 ha of âejidoâ land) through state real rights agreements: 30 private lease and usufruct agreements and 106 agricultural usufruct agreements. A person can create a voluntary usufruct through a lifetime gift or in their will and will.

This is a useful estate planning technique, especially in previous marriage situations. It is customary for the will of one of the spouses to give the surviving spouse a right of usufruct over all the property of the community. It provides that the spouse can live during his or her lifetime while ensuring that the children of the deceased (who may not be the spouse`s children) eventually become the owners. A usufruct is either granted in several cases or maintained in common ownership as long as the property is not damaged or destroyed. The third civil property right is abusus (literal abuse), the right to alienate the thing possessed, either through consumption or destruction (e.B. for profit) or by transfer to someone else (e.B. sale, exchange, gift). Someone who enjoys all three rights has full ownership of them. Section 616 of the Louisiana Civil Code regulates the sale of the property. The bare owners and the usufruct may accept the sale, or the usufructuary may have the right to make a sale. When a sale takes place, the usufruct ends, but is linked to the money received from the sale, unless the parties agree otherwise. Usufruct rights are also used to make a transfer of residence for life to the children and to reserve a right of usufruct for the parents to stay in the house.

This allows parents to stay in the house for their lifetime, with the house automatically passed on to the children in the event of death without inheritance. However, this technique has significant drawbacks and is generally not recommended. Usufruct is usually granted for a limited period of time. It may be given to the usufructuary or to the person holding a right of usufruct as a means of maintaining the property until the death of the owner and the property may be regulated if the owner is in poor health. Although the usufructuary has the right to use the house, it cannot be damaged, destroyed or disposed of. The contract you have with Gerald is a usufruct contract. Article 562 of the new Civil Code clearly provides that “the right of usufruct confers the right to enjoy the property of others with the obligation to preserve its form and substance, unless the title of which it is held or the law provides otherwise”. Although the United States is for the most part a common law jurisdiction that recognizes lifetime successions instead of usufructs, Louisiana is a civil jurisdiction, especially according to the French and Spanish model. In Louisiana, usufruct rights are generally created in the same way as other real rights, by gift (“gift”), will (“will”) or legal force.

Nevertheless, they are usually granted cestui que life. Unless otherwise specified in a will, a person`s share in the community property is transferred to the descendants as simple owners of the title (“naked owners”); However, if that person has a living spouse, he or she will receive a usufruct in that part of the estate until death or remarriage (La. Civil Code art. 890). Under certain other conditions, a right of usufruct may arise which confers rights on the parents of that person. [8] In general, a usufruct right is a system in which one person or group of people uses someone else`s property (often land). The “usufruct” is not the owner of the property, but has an interest in it that is sanctioned by the owner or contractually authorized. There are two different systems of usufruct: perfect and imperfect. In a perfect usufruct, the usufruct is entitled to the use of the property, but cannot change it significantly.

For example, a small business owner may get sick and grant a person the right of usufruct to run their business. The usufruct therefore has the right to operate the business and derive income from it, but does not have the right, for example, to demolish and replace or sell the business. [2] The imperfect usufruct system gives the usufructuary the possibility of changing ownership. For example, if a landowner grants a parcel of land to a usufruct for agricultural purposes, the usufructuary may have the right not only to grow grain on the land, but also to make improvements that would help with agriculture, for example by building a barn. However, this can be detrimental to the usufruct: if a usufructuary makes substantial improvements – such as a building or furniture attached to the building or other fixed structures – to his right of usufruct, he does not own the improvements, and any money spent on these improvements would belong to the original owner at the end of the usufruct. [3] [4] [Additional citation(s) required] Ancient examples of usufruct can be found in the Codex of Hammurabi and the Law of Moses. The Law of Moses commanded landowners not to harvest the edges of their fields and reserved the harvest for the poor. [6] A right of usufruct is a legal right granted to a person or party that confers the temporary right to use and obtain or benefit from another person`s property. Usufruct is usually granted for a limited period of time. For example, Bert obtained a usufruct right to Helen`s property. Helens accommodation is a bed and breakfast with a large garden that needs to be maintained.